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Created by embedded software developers,
for embedded software developers.

Virtuoso is a Microsoft Unified Solution, enhancing Visual Studio with a world-class
No-Code/Low-Code environment for effortless composition of virtualized hardware.

Market forces demand faster
time-to-market and lower embedded engineering costs. Virtuoso delivers.

With typical project cost and time to market reduction of up to 50% or more, the Virtuoso embedded software development workflow offers unparalleled improvements to professional software development processes.

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Software bugs are inevitable. Find and fix bugs early and efficiently with Virtuoso, before it they have catastrophic financial impact.

A Logistical Revolution

A Logistical Revolution

Manage your team’s development schedule naturally and efficiently with Virtuoso. Stop wasting valuable time dealing with logistical headaches created by cascading project dependencies. Instead, free your team to do what they do best with a single focus on writing, testing, and delivering quality software.

Visual Studio Integration

Visual Studio Integration

Developers can only work as fast as their design environment allows. Virtuoso improves concentration and productivity with lightning-fast debug cycles, unlimited breakpoints, responsive and reliable watch windows, effortless refactoring, and much more.

Powered By No-Code

Powered By No-Code

Modernize your embedded application test harness using Virtuoso’s state-of-the-art no-code technology. Supported by an open and thriving content community, test-driven design is now fast, easy, and perfectly flexible to meet your application’s needs.

Embedded Systems Digital Twins

Enterprises are reaping the many benefits of digital twins which extend well beyond development. Virtuoso makes it possible to streamline your requirements gathering, customer acceptance verification and validation, quality control, sustaining engineering and procurement with an application-specific digital twin of your custom device.


Virtuoso is an embedded systems design workflow and content platform that allows custom embedded application hardware to be effortlessly virtualized. With an application layer that easily cross-compiles between the virtual device and the target compiler, the firmware application can be developed and tested independent of hardware. The firmware application is hosted or “wrapped” in a C# application, allowing the host to completely emulate the target hardware and interface to real-world application-specific system components. When the application layer is fully implemented and tested on the virtual device, the hardware abstraction layer is simply ported and cross-compiled to the final embedded hardware, and the firmware design is ready to go.


Whether you are a student, a professional commercial application developer, or a researcher, if you are developing a firmware application written in C/C++, you can’t afford not to use it.



As an embedded device virtualization workflow, Virtuoso by nature works with any target platform. Once your application is developed and tested in a virtual device with a hardware abstraction layer, your application can be targeted or re-targeted to any platform with sufficient hardware capabilities. Write your application. Discover your resource requirements. Then pick a processor.

Any Target
Any Host


We are working towards our goal of universal host platform support, so that whether your virtual device application needs to be deployed on a desktop, tablet, phone, or web page, we’ve got you covered.


Simply put, Virtuoso is designed to be the most advanced embedded design workflow in existence. Combine the power of Virtuoso, Montage, Unreal Engine, C#/.NET and the Windows Presentation Foundation into your next embedded firmware project. Then imagine your professional life without it.

Join The Community

With the unparalleled portability of embedded example projects, the Virtuoso community offers rich examples demonstrating software libraries and hardware chipsets that can be easily evaluated. The obstacles to learning and expanding your team’s skillsets are significantly lower with channel partners that showcase libraries and embedded peripheral chipsets using Virtuoso.