Hello, World!

If you’re new to virtual device development concepts, this is the place to start.


    The first example is about classic “Hello, World”. This serves to teach the beginning feature for embedded application.

    Obviously, LED interface should be the one of best electronic analogy to “Hello, World”. Here is basic application which will Turn On the one LED. In this program there is LED driver function to set the LED state. Here is one Led State variable which will bind to Led control variable for Virtuoso. To turn on the LED, we will simple call function in main( ) and pass the value 1 to turn on the LED.

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    char SIM_LEDState = 0;                // Variable to store value for LED state
    // This will bind to LED Control variable in target model builder
    void SetLEDState(char LEDSatate) // Function to set the LED state
        SIM_LEDState = LEDSatate;
    void InitVirtuoso()
    #ifdef _WINDOWS
    #endif    //_WINDOWS

    void main()

        while (1)
            SetLEDState(1); // Set Led State to 1 to turn ON the LED